Welcome to Home 2.0: Semantic Machines

Welcome to HOME 2.0. 
This year we will examine the use of parametric software for designing infinite variations for the Home of the Future. 
Together we will create parametric models of potential homes for an exhibition we are planning for Archizoom (opening 2014) on “design machines”. The idea is that some external inputs, e.g. from motion, colors, voice, etc. tracking of visitors, would trigger choices in the parametric model. A visitor would get his/her personal house depending on how he or she approaches/views the design machine.
During the “Semaine ENAC” we will offer a fun workshop introduction into Grasshopper, and will in parallel conceptualize and create a parametric model of a house that would vary meaningfully and be deformed according to the external inputs. The starting point will be the architypical house, or primitive hut.
To get a head start, please google information about parametric design, Grasshopper (if possible install it and go through tutorial), primitive hut, previous home 2.0 seminar for exhibition in Shanghai http://mxdh20.wordpress.com/.
Our first meeting will be:
MONDAY 29.4.2003 in ROOM BC 129 at 09.15. 
We look forward to seeing you there and working with you!
Best regards,
Jeffrey Huang
Muriel Waldvogel
Carlos Banon
Peter Ortner
Shih-Yuan Wang
Trevor Patt
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