HOME 2.0 is a project about possible future designs and the artificial morphogenesis of homes.


The architecture of HOME 2.0 is organic and evolving; some may say the homes are sentient or even alive. Driven by parametric design engines, the homes assimilate different shapes in order to adapt to the energy of particular sites. The topography, orientation and urban/social context of a site, as well as the climatic condition and the particular human needs provoke and determine the evolution of the various shapes. In time, each home develops its own personality: some are open and inviting, even radiant, others are protective anxious or self-effacing. A protective home may feature a parametric coat of sharp spines, a formal defense mechanism that spreads out when threatened. A phototropic home is radiant; it grows towards the light, and unfolds itself during daytime, in order to harvest the energy from the sun.


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